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Good times in Stratford

In my quick trip to Waterloo to capture some newborn pics…I stopped by to see good friends J and Ang who live just outside of Stratford. Only out in the boonies do you find cool places like this to get yer grub! : Little Jake and Aimee were completely sucked into watching Wall-E. Adorable munchkins!…

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Little Ninja

Had the pleasure this last weekend of visiting friends in Waterloo, to “take care of” their little ninja… as Chad likes to refer her to!Stephanie is looking pretty awake, considering the sleep i know she’s… not getting! Little Teaghan had a bit of a rough start, staying in the NICU for the first week, getting…

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Gabriel lit up my morning!

ahhh… if only all the little monkeys that pass through my studio would be like he was!What a joy…There’s quite nothing like the feeling of inner joy, when a baby smiles for you. He doesn’t know you, doesn’t care about the mistakes you’ve made. He trusts you. He likes you. He smiles and giggles. siGhMom,…

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aaaHHHH … you know spring is close… ..

Well… even though I’m still sore and swollen, I have regained enough mobility that i have no excuse to keep me from shooting anymore. You know spring is close when Home-Depot starts selling Hyacinths One of my favourites! This shot was an experiment in “painting with light”… 15 second exposure and only an LED flashlight……

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