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What an Excellent way to end a week! (Montreal newborn photographer, twins, baby family photography)

Sigh! Yasmine and Kénza finished my day in the best of ways… What sweeties! Twin girls… having bounced back strong from being 2 months premature. Of all the twin newborns I’ve had the pleasure of capturing, it almost never fails: When one is ready to go, the other one is . . . “agitated”. I…

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Raphaël and Liam . . . two of the "smiliest" boys I’ve had for quite a while!! (Montreal children photographer, baby, family kids photography)

Caroline brought her boys back!  Little Raphaël has grown so much since our last session, my infamous “shelf shot”!  And he’s smiling bigger than ever!  What a successful children’s portrait session! Was an inspiring morning, having such cheerful monkeys here in my studio! Like I told you Caroline, “whatever you’re doing …you’re doing right!  Keep…

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ah yes . . . only a couple weeks away. (montreal product, jewelry, catalog, advertisement photographer)

I always seem to be shooting more “jewelry related” product photography at the end of January.  Definitely a reminder that Valentine’s Day is approaching.  These beauties are just some of the fantastic jewelry that Carmen Rivet of Rivet Jewelers has to offer.  I’ve had the pleasure of photographing much of her jewelry for advertisement initiatives…

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Lisanne Tremblay … Jazz violinist extrordinaire! (Montreal portrait photographer, headshots, portfolio, publicity photography)

Had a fun shoot this afternoon with Lisanne!  She needed great “portfolio” shots for publicty and marketing initiatives…  We nailed it!  I also love doing different kinds of portraiture and photography here and there . . . keeps me fresh!  (it reassures me that I am still a real photographer) As soon as I get…

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Ah . . . my trademark "shelf-shot" baby portrait! :) (Montreal baby photographer)

Trisha and Ronnie have such a beautiful giddy baby boy.  Kallin was a hoot… and I love it when parents come in and say “he won’t smile for just anyone….” and whammo…! Kallin can tell .. . I LOVE children.  He rewarded me with an awesome baby portrait session, in one of my trademark original…

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