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Quin the Christmas bear! (Milton family photographer, Milton baby photographer)

Quin is beyond adorable in my signature “shelf shot” concept! .. . and did we nail the family shots or what? This was an awesome start to my Friday. Enjoy this little sneak peak !  Congrats Heather and Greg … what a success! Just wait for the reaction when they’re on your walls! click here to…

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The Edwards rock! (Milton family photographer, Milton children’s photographer)

Sorry for the delay in posting … I was in Montreal on business for a few days.  I’m back and with a full session schedule this weekend, so I’m sure some nice posts will follow! Dwight and Shelley have the cutest boys!  Felt like I couldn’t take one bad shot of them! Dad was cool…

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Denise and Jason have 3 cool dudes! (Milton family photographer, Milton children’s photographer)

I met Denise through the Milton Chamber of Commerce. I think we’re getting up to 800 members strong!  She and Jason run an awesome internet business building company! (check it out!) I was tickled when she wanted me to capture all her “boyz” in my signature syle! We had a blast, and the dudes actually…

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Amanda & Matthew have the cutest girls! (Mississauga family photography, Mississauga baby photographer)

Sometimes you never know who you’ll bump into : I met Amanda in a bulkbarn check out line!  Upon seeing her sweetpea smile at me… I nailed her age at 3.5 months… and was right on the money! I guess Amanda was impressed enough to call me back … and for that she now has…

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The Boyle Bunch – Milton Ontario family photographer

This gang was simply a blast to shoot. I love seeing siblings that are goofs and actually get along authentically! … too many awesome shots to choose from! … and of course, my personal “awkward family portrait” project gets another addition. Andrea (mom)… once agan, your peeps are way cool! this is a sneak peak…

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