Milton Headshots – Jason’s new corporate portraits

As I continue to struggle in my blog updating, trying to decide amongst the hundreds of beautiful family, children and baby portraits I’ve shot here in my Milton studio … I simply decided to post some samples from a quick head-shot session I did with Jason.

Jason is part of WSI, bringing the area the absolute best in Digital Marketing Expertise.  Jason’s old headshot needed to be updated … don’t u think?icon razz Milton Headshots   Jasons new corporate portraits

I’ve been shooting corporate portraiture long before my 11 year expertise and specialty with newborns began.  I consider it SO important to have a really good representation of who you are.  A headshot should be warm, professional, and you have to look like a human being.  Approachable.  Competent.  Trust my experience to put you at ease, and capture you looking “like you” … We’re always our own worst critics, usually not thinking we can look good in pictures.  This could be because you’ve never been photographed by someone like myself.  Experienced.  Professional.  Approachable.  Competent.  Artistic.  (I don’t want to come across as full of myself … trust me , I’m not.  But I am extremely confident that my passion and 20+ years doing something I love does distinguish my work from most other photographers.)  Only $150 for the session, including a “properly” retouched image of your favourite shot to be used for your marketing initiatives. (or just for a really good FB profile picture)  Call me anytime: 905-878-7874

So, I’ve rambled on long enough … please forgive.icon razz Milton Headshots   Jasons new corporate portraits …and thanks for the patience with my blog updating.  I’ll be out of town on business for a few days, so a wee bit more patience might be needed.icon razz Milton Headshots   Jasons new corporate portraits Don’t forget to visit and “like” my studio FB page … occasionally I post different snippits up there.



side note:  I am VERY impressed with Jason’s lifestyle change that has had him lose over 30 lbs, and most importantly, has been achieved not solely through “diet” but with intense fitness training at FirePower here in Milton.  He’s simply an addict, but I promise to send butter tarts his way if he becomes unbearable.icon razz Milton Headshots   Jasons new corporate portraits

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