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    Photographer Leino Olé relocated his successful studio from Montreal to Milton 5 years ago. He is renowned for his fine-art newborn and maternity portraits, and is considered a Canadian pioneer in this field with over 1800 newborns photographed to date. Besides his specialty, Leino’s passion and extensive experience trickles down through all genres of photography, especially with children and families. Headshot are also a specialty, making you look warm and professional! Studio Esto-Image guarantees you an unparalleled experience in it’s comfortable, creative studio. Leino of Esto-Image . . . now in Milton . . . . . . capturing the best moments of your life!!
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so sorry for the delay . . .

Hey y’all…
I’m so sorry for not updating my posts the last couple weeks . ..
I have probably at least 20 shoots I promised to post a few teasers from.
(my customers keep asking where’d they go??!!)
I’ve simply been a little swamped, with good intentions …. but then the desire for sleep takes over!
icon razz so sorry for the delay . . .
I’ve had a busy shooting schedule this weekend with 3 more shoots tomorrow, so my goal is to start catching up tomorrow night….
I’m taking Monday off as well … to recharge a bit, so I should have a bunch of stuff up by then.
thanX for undersatanding!
icon smile so sorry for the delay . . .
You all have been awesome in encouraging me!
icon smile so sorry for the delay . . .
Sherri - May 4, 2010 - 11:23 am

Recharging is good. Looking forward to updates when they are ready.

Little miracle Clarence – Montreal newborn photographer

This is Clarence.
She decided to pop out 1 month early.
Poor dad was in Memphis when mom’s water broke….
I’ll continue the cool story when I post the follow up hopefully tomorrow.
icon razz Little miracle Clarence   Montreal newborn photographer
I just finished this shoot right now, and am anxious to get home for some ZZzzz.
Just couldn’t resist to post some thing from the super successful session:
Here sweet Clarence is one week old,  5lbs 12oz.
icon smile Little miracle Clarence   Montreal newborn photographer
sigh . . . I love my job.
It’s not a job, when it goes like this.
icon smile Little miracle Clarence   Montreal newborn photographer
here are some teaser shots.

Anonymous - April 25, 2010 - 12:00 am

That 3rd picture is priceless. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Great shot, and congrats on the capturing the moment. Continue to use your gifts, you are very talented!

Number 3 on its way! (Montreal maternity, pregnancy, photographer)

Melanie and Jean-Luc are expecting numero trois!
icon smile Number 3 on its way! (Montreal maternity, pregnancy, photographer)
I had the pleasure of capturing their maternity and newborn portraits since 2002, and once again am honoured they insist on me doing it once again!!
(Doesn’t Melanie look absolutely great, especially considering this is the third time!?)
Marc-Antoine and Amelia were gems, and were so cool and cooperative!
Melanie has always been such a source of encouragement to me, and I am grateful.  I’m also REALLY looking forward to shooting the little addition in the next few weeks!
Hang in there guys!  Cya soon!!
icon smile Number 3 on its way! (Montreal maternity, pregnancy, photographer)

Twin newborn photography! Nothing like it! (Montreal newborn, twin, baby photographer)

Enya and Elian-Fox!

Aren’t those the two coolest names?  Two of the most adorable twin newborns I’ve had the chance to photograph to date!  Erin and Jörge surprised me when they contacted me asking me to capture their twins in my trademark newborn portrait style!  I had the absolute pleasure in taking their gorgeous maternity and newborn portraits of their first, Mira back in 2008.  Jörge and Erin are in love, and were amazing how they gushed over their precious miracle twins.  Erin (as are all moms of twins!) blew me away with her resolve and patience in dealing with the attention that two demand simultaneously! 
and… the portraits are stunning!
“Fox” … what guy wouldn’t want that as his middle name?
You guys rocked!  Congrats!
here are a couple of my fav’s:
Anonymous - April 16, 2010 - 11:50 pm

OK, so now I am for sure willing to make the trip with newborn twins just to get a pic like that! I am sooooo jealous! Love the shots, you have a great talent! Thanks for blogging!


What goes into shooting a figure skating show . . . (montreal portrait, event photographer)

I’ve been shooting the Saint Lambert Figure Skating annual event for,  about 15 years now!  wow!
This year’s, seems to have been the most smooth-run show that any of us veterans of the event can remember.  
icon smile What goes into shooting a figure skating show . . . (montreal portrait, event photographer)
This is also one of the reasons why I haven’t posted in the last week.  Between juggling the regular mish-mash of awesome portrait session experiences in studio, I had to fill my responsibilities for pulling off another successful year at the figure skating show.
People ask me often, “What’s involved? . . . Is it worth all the work?”
answer: LOTS, and duh??!
I do have to say, it is a pretty intense 35 hours of work. 
Here’s what the schedule was this year:

Last Friday afternoon, I packed my gear in the car and set up at the arena around 4 pm, to be ready for shooting all the kiddies in costume (this was their dress rehearsal) at 5:30 pm.  I shot about 700 different portraits in the following 4.5 hours.  Packed all the gear up and got back to the studio.  Worked till 5 am non stop to edit, adjust, crop, and print ALL the portraits in enlarged 26″ contact sheets, along with a whole slew of select enlargements to display.  Then went home and slept a few hours.  Returned to stick all the prints onto poster boards and returned to the arena to stick them all on a long wall in the lobby!  The figure skaters and all their families started arriving at 5:30 pm to get ready for the first of two shows.  I manned my table from 5:30 till 10:30 pm, taking custom orders for enlargements and prints before, during intermission, and after the show ended until the place was empty.  Went home and had a well deserved glass of red wine.  Then slept solid.icon smile What goes into shooting a figure skating show . . . (montreal portrait, event photographer) Went back and set up my table on Sunday for the last show that started at 1 pm.  Took orders until the last people were gone around 5 pm.  During the actual show, when it was quiet, I threw all the orders into a spreadsheet to help me organize which files had to be sent to my lab, and for what sizes.  Monday, I separated all the files that needed to be printed and organized them for export to my lab with sizes and quantities set, doing the required retouching where necessary. Went to my lab, convinced him to work hard for me and have it all ready for Tuesday night.  Tuesday I sorted all the orders and (thank goodness for google maps) laid out my delivery route.  Wednesday, with stacks of a 1000 different sized pictures, I sorted them all, and stuffed the envelopes with the orders sheets.  Then, by 4pm, was off to start delivering.  DONE at 9pm!!  Man!  I did quite a bit in those few days!  Logistically insane.icon smile What goes into shooting a figure skating show . . . (montreal portrait, event photographer) SO here are a few tidbits to show what I’ve loved doing for Saint Lambert for many years now, and thanks to amazing digital technology, reliable macs, a bit of experience, and a hint of … talent … it translates into SUCH a worthwhile, draining, but FUN experience.  And it’s been great watching so many of these skaters grow up, and improve over the years!!  I love them all!
 Part of my wall, set up for all the spectators and family, to aid them in the ordering process.
Part of my delivery route:
And finally, some samples of the kind of classic and fun shots we do with all the kids:

NOW… I have to figure out what to post from the last couple weeks of studio sessions to bring things back up to speed.
Thanks everyone for your patience.
icon smile What goes into shooting a figure skating show . . . (montreal portrait, event photographer)
I’ll continue tonight after dinner!
icon smile What goes into shooting a figure skating show . . . (montreal portrait, event photographer)
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