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    Photographer Leino Olé relocated his successful studio from Montreal to Milton 5 years ago. He is renowned for his fine-art newborn and maternity portraits, and is considered a Canadian pioneer in this field with over 1800 newborns photographed to date. Besides his specialty, Leino’s passion and extensive experience trickles down through all genres of photography, especially with children and families. Headshot are also a specialty, making you look warm and professional! Studio Esto-Image guarantees you an unparalleled experience in it’s comfortable, creative studio. Leino of Esto-Image . . . now in Milton . . . . . . capturing the best moments of your life!!
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Precious Arthur – Montreal newborn photographer

Sweet Jasmine has a new tiny brother!  Arthur was an excellent newborn model, helping me get great portraits between the obligatory feedings!  Yves and Camille have wonderful friends for having given them a gift certificate for the newborn shoot!  What a success!  Way to go guys!  You’re going to love how good your enlargements will look!
Anonymous - May 9, 2010 - 2:21 am

De magnifiques souvenirs inoubliables avec un photographe hors de commun, Une expérience que je souhaites à tout le monde!

Claudie Lebleu

Giggling maternity session! – Montreal maternity children photographer

Stephanie and Alexandre are adding #2 to their family! Had a great session, and 2 year old Flaurence was giggly at the right moments!  Was a fun shoot, and saw them all a few days later for the family reunion shoot we did with 11 more people!  Can’t wait to have you guys back for the cool newborn shots!
Congrats, and hang in there!
what a giggle-puss!

The Beaudry sisters! – Montreal family photographer

Karine came in from California where she lives, to visit mom and dad, and she organized the cool shoot where her sisters and her would do a “family reunion” shoot for the grandparents.
With a bit of patience, we pulled the awesome smiles out of apprehensive munchkins Juliana and Raphaela!  It was a total success!  The proud grandparents ordered a beautiful 24×30 framed of the montage below.
icon smile The Beaudry sisters!   Montreal family photographer
Thanks guys!
Karine - May 10, 2010 - 8:38 pm

Thanks for your wonderful work, we had lots of fun! ;-)

Little Clarence #2 – Montreal newborn photographer

So the interesting story I was alluding to before …  Chantale (as many moms have done with me) asked to do a “solo” maternity shoot with me, with the goal of giving a beautiful surprise gift for hubby, and then returning to do a more complete maternity session with hubby involved a few weeks later.
We had a beautiful session, and were both very pleased with how the portraits turned out.  Christophe LOVED the portraits!  I called a few days before shoot number 2, to confirm that all is going according to schedule to find out that little Clarence arrived the day before!  One month early!!!  We simply changed the planned maternity session to a newborn session.  We were so glad that we were able to capture some maternity portraits as opposed to none at all! (although dad wished he could have been in a few, but what can you do when baby arrives prematurely)
The story about the timing was quite interesting:  Christophe was in Tennessee on business when he got the call from Chantale to tell him her water broke!  Everone was “shocked”.  He dropped everything and went straight to the airport to get on the first flight back to Montreal, fearing missing his little baby’s birth!  Upon arrival in Montreal, he contemplated just leaving his luggage there and just making a b-line straight to customs (knowing how customs delays are horrible for international flight now) and get in a cab!  His suitcase popped right out, so he was lucky.  Went to customs to find all guards essentially picking their noses!!
Because of the volcano eruption, so many international flights were cancelled, so they were absolutely no delays!!  He got in the cab, made it to the hospital, and once he arrived next to Chantale, little Clarence was born SIX minutes later!!!
The timing to get there just in time was absolutely uncanny!
Such a great story.
We were able to capture amazing shots!
Congrats Chantale and Christophe!
(and thanks for being patient with my late posts)
This a sample of the stunning intimate portraiture I provided.
Chantale was proud to let me post a sample from that session.
5lbs is tiny in big Christophe’s hands! 
I love it when I can get that little gassy smile!
icon smile Little Clarence #2   Montreal newborn photographer 
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